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History of Longbridge CCC


The Longbridge Camping & Caravan Club was started in 1969 with eleven dedicated campers and first met on the 14th November to form an official “Works Camping Club”. At the first meeting, a committee was elected, the Chairman being Frank Richards, Treasurer Les Crockett, Secretary Mo Richards and the Chief Camp Official Rex Hamilton – all of whom were employed by Austin Motor Company, Longbridge, which at the time was part of the larger British Motor Corporation (BMC). In the early days, it was hoped to call the club “The Austin Camping & Caravan Club”, but this was not possible and so we became “Longbridge Camping & Caravan Club”

Monthly meetings were held at the Rednal Social Club, until this no longer became available, when they were moved to the Dog & Pheasant at Bromsgrove. Eventually, meetings took place in the factory and continued to do so until the Longbridge plant closed in 2005. They now take place at the Austin Sports and Social Club in Longbridge. At the first of these meetings, the membership was set at 5/- (25p) per year. Today, the membership fee is £16.00 for the year, with an initial First year joining fee of £18.00 for new members. Initially, the club was for Longbridge employees, but eventually, non-employees were eligible to join, but had to be proposed by an employee. Before the plant closed, membership had become open with non-employees eligible to propose new members.

By May 1970, we had 82 members and £24.00 in club funds and the membership has continued to grow. In December 1970, a meeting took place between the Camping & Caravan Clubs of Fisher & Ludlow, Standard Triumph and Longbridge with the object of forming an Association of Clubs, thus, the British Leyland Camping and Caravan Association was born in 1971. (BMC had by now become “British Leyland”) It was agreed that once every year, member clubs would get together for the Association Rally where they would participate in sports and games with each club providing a trophy to be played for and held by the winning club for one year. The Association has now grown into 15 clubs with a Senior Citizens section and currently has over 2000 members. Longbridge CCC has 100 plus members at present.

Every 10 year, we hold a “Birthday Rally”, where we celebrate in style, having big celebrations for our golden Anniversary, 30th, 40th and 50th birthday. Here’s looking forward to our 60th birthday in 2029.

Our club has always put on a good selection of rallies and for several years now, foreign holidays to France and Ireland have gone down well with the members.

Our members enjoy good times together on weekend rallies, Bank Holiday rallies and holiday rallies, so why not come along and join us; you will never make a better decision

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